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How to get an APRA payment system card


The APRA national non-cash payment system is a convenient, modern form of payment.

Using APRA plastic cards makes it possible at any time to cash out money at an ATM, as well as pay for goods and services in places where POS-terminals are installed. APRA plastic card holders in the country are about two thousand people.

At the initiative of the National Bank of Abkhazia and the Ministry of Finance, an order is being prepared in the Cabinet of Ministers to transfer salaries of public servants and pensions to plastic cards of the APRA national payment system.

At the moment, POS-terminals are in several hotels and restaurants of the republic. In the near future, about 10-15 restaurants and shopping facilities are planning to install POS-terminals.

There are 26 ATMs in the republic in the Gagra, Gudauta, Sukhum and Gal regions. Most, 15 ATMs, are located in Sukhum. You can get an APRA card both in СIBIT-BANK and in other banks of Abkhazia.