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СIBIT-BANK has yuan, yen and Turkish lira


The world does not stand still, and at the same time the world economy is changing. Undoubtedly, the dollar and the euro still dominate the market, but the introduction of the yuan, the yen and the Turkish lira will only help, but will not harm our customers.

We can list a number of positive aspects in using this scheme.

Firstly, there is no risk of delayed payments, which plays a crucial role in the conduct of your business. Secondly, requests in these currencies are constantly growing due to the rise in the price of the dollar.This is very convenient for customers, because these operations will be completed quickly and funds will be received within two business days. Transfers to Japan and China, payments in Russian rubles to Turkey for active entrepreneurs engaged in foreign economic activity, this is a great opportunity to save money.

Bank experts will always advise you on this issue and help you understand the bank’s tariffs.