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Loans to private persons

Loans to private persons

As part of its payroll services, Cibit-Bank offers to employees of the client organization to obtain cash loans to their salary bank cards.

Loan for private persons is a loan provided by the bank for purchase of goods (works, services) for personal or other non-production needs.

One might wonder, why take cash loan when you can buy goods on credit. But before making such purchase, it is always worth paying attention to the bank’s interest rate and terms of credit. Because in many instances, in order to increase feasibility of purchasing goods on credit, the buyer is imposed unnecessary services or additional accessories. So, not only does the buyer pay extra for the goods by paying interest to the bank, but also becomes the owner of accessories and services he/she doesn’t even need.

You can learn more about getting a loan, interest rate of the Bank as well as the maximum loan amount by consulting the Loan Department of the Bank.

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