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Plastic cards

Пластиковые карты

A bank card is a reliable and safe payment tool and a convenient way to have your money at hand without actually carrying any cash around. You can go to an ATM at your convenience and withdraw the necessary amount.

The first bank card was issued in New York as far back as 1951. Even though it has been relatively recently that bank cards came into operation in the Republic of Abkhazia, nowadays many stores in our country have POS-terminals installed to accept payments by bank cards. Payment terminals network is actively expanding and there is ever less necessity to carry cash with you.

Not every country has its own National Payment System (NPS). But here we have a lot to be proud of, since on November 14, 2011 the People’s Assembly adopted the law “On National Payment System with the Use of Electronic Payment Facilities”. Thus NPS APRA (Abkhaz Payment and Settlement Association) was established.

Major efforts have been put towards establishing interaction and automation of banking program packages with the Processing Center of the Bank of Abkhazia in order to launch issue and service of APRA cards on the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia. In April 2013 Cibit-Bank was the first bank in the Republic of Abkhazia to issue a bank card to a private person.

Today Cibit-Bank issues three types of APRA cards: “Standard”, “Corporate” and “Corporate+”.

To apply for “Standard” card you need to:

1. See a specialist of Cibit-Bank Payment Cards Department
2. Submit necessary documents:
• For residents of the Republic of Abkhazia – internal passport
• For non-residents of the Republic of Abkhazia – passport and one of the following documents: temporary registration certificate, work permit, residence permit
3. Write an application for issue of a bank card
4. Pay a fee of 350 rubles at the cash desk of the bank

Service rates for holders of “Standard” tariff bank cards

Fee for issue of master card350 rubles
Fee for issue of supplementary card350 rubles
Fee for re-issue of card in replacement of a lost/damaged card350 rubles
Monthly service fee0 rubles
Commission for cash withdrawal from ATMs and cash points of CB “Cibit-Bank”0,25% от суммы
Commission for cash withdrawal from ATMs and cash points of other banks1,25% от суммы
Payment for purchase/goods/service0 rubles
Commission for transfer from APRA card to APRA card0,5% от суммы
SMS service30 rubles/month

SMS Service:

Text banking is the Bank’s service allowing you to receive information in real-time mode on your card account activities, request balance on your card account, transfer funds from your APRA card to another APRA card.

Cash Back Service:

Cashback is provided for all cards issued by CB “Cibit-Bank” regardless of the tariff or date of issue. The service is provided when purchases are made from partners of CB “Cibit-Bank”. Such partners bear a special sticker at the entrance to their premises.

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